In his advertising work Rand frequently used futura instead of the more common calligraphic fonts.

His advertising was simpler looking and in turn more eye-catching that the typical ads.

Rand brought ideas and intelligence to advertising, but kept in mind that whatever he was doing, should communicate, so the guy in the street knew what they were trying to sell.

For every product he defined the problem and costumized a solution. His advertising was conceptually sharp and visually smart.

Every detail was meant to attract the eye. He often divided designs into two components;

"a large mass that drew the attention and a smaller mass that needed  closer attention"

(from an interview with Morris Wyszogrod, friend and associate of Rand by Steven Heller in 1997.)


Are artists losing the Grip and focus from Original thoughts ? 


Here some words for a designer from The Designer, Emmi Salonen.

Your logo is as personal as your name.

Its design must sum up your character as much as the word itself. You should wear your logo with pride and look after it with care,

it will be carried through all the designed material and should be as at home on your letterhead and business cards as it is on your signs, advertising and website.

It only has one thing in common with another logo – it’s completely unique.


Before sharing MC Escher Quote from its great great book ESCHER ON ESCHER its worth of telling that i am not saying every Artist must think like that. As this thing  we called uniformity bound the Art which human produce. If you want to kill the Artist deprive him from his freedom only. But at least every Artist should know this  so if oneself like take otherwise leave, as I am taking it so to me its one good thing to share after a lot of days.

Excerpt  from letter by M.C Escher to his son Arthur, November 12, 1955.

Good God I wish I learn to draw a little better! how much effort and persistence it cost to try to do it well. Every once in while the stress of it all drives me to the point of nervous break down.

It is really strictly a matter of persisting tenaciously with continuous  and pitiless self criticism.I believe that to produce prints the way I do is almost a strictly a matter of wanting so terribly much to do it well.

Talent and all that really for the most part is just baloney. Any schoolboy with a little aptitiude can perhaps draw better that I ; but what he lacks in the most cases is that tenacious desire to make it reality, that obstinate gnashing of teeth and saying, Although i know it can’t be done, i want to it any way,”

Here is I am sharing the link of MC Escher Gallery to show you who don’t know who he is the marvels of his in the world of graphic, his splendour legacy


Collection the most amazing partner of us, always help us not to forget ourselves. If 10 people are observing a thing, they are observing 10 different things of the same subject.We see things differently. Every one amongst us have had a particular angle to measure and feel things isn’t it ? which establish a strong bond of our interest and likes with variability which itself a unique power to live with. So what we like and in what things we are interested, we collect, depict what we are:

If you don’t have any collection yet you are living a life without any passion, hence without meaning  (30mk concept )

Collection help us to create our identity as MARCO TEMPEST had some collection of TECHNO MAGIC which made him eventually with recognition of a finest magician.

So what you have in your pocket, drawer, computer and yes in your mind?, collection can be in our mind all the time in our life.

After coloring people thoughts by your collection, you earn a title that you know one thing or two. Considering this folks around   will consult you about what you have with interest from time to time and want you to solve problems for them as you have some unique knowledge about a thing. And finally you start start getting projects, a way to be a professional.

Collection will  define your passion more meaningfully and helps it getting deeper roots  (30mk concept)

 Well! when you work with projects you have to make selections, have to make choices and with choices there comes responsibilities. Be sure before selecting things about what kind of situation you are about to deal, for whom you are designing, what lies at the heart of the problem. It must be understood. I am sure for solving a problem you don’t necessarily  need to be a creator but you must have to place things to their right place.

A designer duty is to pick the right things and put them into right place (Ralph Caplan)

Great artists select things having the element of flexibility. How much you want to give life to your art piece 10 years, 50, or everlasting ? it depends only. Have you ever observed the art work of GUL GEE ? which will never blurred in coming times. These are timeless

Look at 365GT4 BB by a great artist LEONARDO FIORAVANTI which change the way Ferrari looked.  Its a design  worth talking about whenever it will be needed to talk about the revolution in car designing.

Selection is more difficult thing than it seem difficult usually. Without getting lost ,understanding the situation, picking the right things for right solution with the connection of your individuality and originality it is a hell of complex task but its interesting too.

Now its time to feel the things into your hands in the same way you imagined. For this you must have, if not perfect than at least a particular set of skills and blend it with it your presence of mind and use common sense you will do great.

One thing that is really matter how much you have the capability to face and absorb the CHANGE. As there is strong possibility that during this final phase new thoughts pop up and you have to make changes , sometime have to reject the whole previous plan to excel the process. Its a bold but positive act to reconsider the whole new thought at the stage of Beta.

Yes! all above things we already know but we just need to translate them into our own wording. 

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Yesterday was my first day at NCA. The teacher, Zafar Iqbal questioned “why we create?” or if I define it more clearly

1. Why design evolve?

2. How time constraints force us to think design.

3. What is the key to unlock an artist living inside us?

4. The piece of art created must have the answers to the question to pool up  the attention of others.


" Art / Design is like asking a question to the world which has endless right answers. With every answer, art is different, art is innovative, influential and at the same time immeasurable." - 30 mk conecpt

Design gets its origin under one basic reason :

Its a problem solving activity. Steve Jobs said “Design is not how it feels or looks but  actually how it works”

When IBM went to Paul Rand, an artist, he created the logo which depicts not only the wonderful art but solved  the problem of tech Godfather of that day, IBM.

Design created by the artist is merely problem solving activity either we are working for others or driven by own passion. In latter case we solve the self created problems.

Creating this we have to deal with time constraints. There are numerous sources to answer to the need for which we are engaged in designing but we have to make choices pick some and leave some as its impossible to put all fine stuff in it. And who gets the sense of better selection first, wins the race.


Creation requires frequently a long time to come out in its final shape  but here the fact is, whom you are working for or solving a problem, if its for one of your self created problem then its OK but if you are working for some one else you will surely fail if you go beyond these time constraints.

Art for the sake of art is true but at particular level here, otherwise you will lost all projects.

Until you become sensitive to your environment, you are unable to understand the problems which exist in your surroundings. Sensitive more than usual or i should say sensitive at the level upto with which we are with ourselves. It will help you to discover to an art of uploading information in your brain as much as you can and help you to process it in more defined way.

Now audience don’t have the time for mediocre  and copycats so it must be more genuine more unique to get the attention and have the traits to answers the need of the time. For this we have to think  some place else between mediocre and luxury at least.Why Google is search engine god now a days irrespective of the other search engines like Bing or yahoo .Why Google is attracting the masses of the world.

Google  provide some thing more than search results, people are looking for. More than 70% of world population familiar with it.It’s fast, reliable, easy to use, user friendly and enough to amaze people every time people want to concern it.

Here are some word for design worth listening: